Lake Austin Pediatrics

Angelyn L. Tarrant, M.D.

We are sad to announce the closing of Lake Austin Pediatrics. Due to the Health Care Reform running this practice is no longer sustainable.

Patient records are being transferred to 411 Pediatrics, and Dr. Ari Brown is now the custodian of the patient records. You can learn more about 411 Pediatrics via their website. Dr. Brown and her associates at 411 Peditarics look forward to continuing your child's great health care. 411 Pediatrics is on many insurance plans, but please check with your insurance provider to make sure they are on your plan.

Lake Austin Pediatrics will no longer see patients after July 28th 2016.

The families of current patients should have received a letter announcing the closing of the practice. If you did not receive a letter, our apologies. You may see a copy here.

If you need to transfer your records to a practice other than 411 Pediatrics, you can do so by filling out this form.

Please send the filled out form to:
411 Pediatrics
925 Westbank, Suite 100
Austin, Texas 78746.
Phone: 512-327-0411 Fax. 512-327 -5437 Email :


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